Evo was founded by innovative food people with a passion for cooking and  entertaining. As a cooking appliance manufacturer, it's our love of connecting people around food that guides everything we do. Since 2001, we have built a full line of exceptionally energy-efficient gas and electric, indoor and outdoor, commercial and residential, circular flattop cooking appliances, all designed to create a social cooking experience. Made in America, Evo grills are the leading live-action display cooking equipment in the world and built to last a lifetime. Our commercial cooktops are used by foodservice professionals and top chefs as a versatile cooking platform, and as a conduit to communicate a fresh-prepared, organic, farmer-to-table message. Evo commercial appliances can be found at Whole Foods, Google, Apple, Microsoft, Marriott,Sheraton, Hyatt, Hilton, and hundreds of other A-list companies. Our residential appliances compliment indoor and outdoor kitchens, and are used by thousands of foodie consumers as a fun, healthy, and social way to cook for family and friends.